Upgraded to OMV IDE 1.9 and lost connection to camera module

I just upgraded to the new IDE and can no longer connect to the camera module. It worked this morning with the previous version of the IDE (1.8?) but now it doesn’t. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks - Dan

What camera model? M4/M7?

M7 - and thank you for the help!

Okay, can you give me any more info on the behavior if what the error is? What operating system are you using , when does the error occur, etc? If it’s and M7 then you should be fine. This is well tested.

Problem corrected when i upgraded the OMV firmware. Not sure exactly what was causing this issue in the first place since the new IDE didn’t even see the OMV module originally, but this time around it connected and said there was an available firmware update. I did that upgrade and my programs now run on the new IDE.

Great to hear. Thanks,