Camera cannot connect to IDE


I am having trouble connecting my camera to the IDE. I’m running Windows 7 on my computer and I have an OpenMV Cam M7. I’ve tried multiple cables and multiple USB ports on my computer, all of which behave similarly. Windows recognises the camera, and it appears in Device Manager. When I click “connect” on the IDE, the “Connecting…(Hit cancel if this takes more than 5 seconds).” window appears and hangs there. If I click “Cancel”, the error message reads “Error: Unknown Error!” I tried DFU mode, but now the camera isn’t even recognised by my computer (there are no led flashes or anything), but I can still run it in DFU mode.

Could anyone help me with this?

Thank you!

Um, it might be a bricked state right now.

Can you do this? Plug the camera in, then hit connect on the IDE. The IDE should ask if the camera is bricked. Say yes, then the IDE will try to connect, click cancel in the dialog. The IDE will ask then if you’d like to restore using DFU mode, say yes. Then follow the IDE prompts and you should be fine.

I’ve tried that, but it just hangs on the “Reprogramming… (may take up to 5 minutes)” screen. My computer doesn’t recognise connecting/disconnecting it, and it doesn’t appear in device manager anymore.

Hi, in STM DFU mode the device will appear as a STM DFU device under the USB devices in the device manager. The “Reprogramming… (may take up to 5 minutes)” dialog should either immediately fail or take about 5 minutes.

Um, Mmm, send send me an email with a receipt where you bought the camera and I’ll send a new one out.

I saw that in a previous post. STM DFU device does not appear anywhere in device manager. Before I put it in DFU mode my computer would at least recognise it, now there is no indication that the computer knows it’s connected. I think the device is dead.

K, I’ll just ship you a new one. Send us an email with a receipt.

I PM’d you.

I am also having a similar problem with my OMV M7 unit - is there a way to send it back for repair?

Please advise and thanks - Dan