Trouble Connecting


Whenever my OpenMV camera is plugged into my computer for more than a couple minutes, I have trouble connecting to it in the OpenMV IDE. If I unplug, and then plug back in, it works very quickly. However, if I plug the board but do not immediately connect, it errors and I have to unplug/plug the the usb cable back into my computer. The popup says "Connecting…(Hit cancel if this takes more than 5 seconds)

What OS are you using? If it’s Linux that’s related to the OS taking a while to enumerate the VCP port. I can’t fix that, you just have to wait about 10 seconds after plugging the camera in for the OS to stop trying to talk to the serial port as if it were a modem. As for MAC, we fixed an issue with connecting in the next release of the MAC IDE.

I am using windows 7. I have to wait for the drivers to be recognized when I first plug in the camera, and that all works fine. However, if I do not connect the IDE to the camera within a couple minutes, I cannot connect. I have to disconnect the camera and usb from the computer, and then reconnect. After the drivers are recognized, I can connect, but if I wait too long (like 2 minutes) then I cannot connect to the camera with the IDE.

Hi, have you updated your OpenMV Cam’s firmware? It should work really well on windows.

What firmware version are you running?

Occasionaly when this happens I get the popup that the IDE is looking for the firmware version (which I just loaded yesterday to version 2.7.0) and that I am trying to connect while the blue LED is on, which it is not. It is so strange though because I do not get any errors if I connect as soon as the drivers are loaded.

Mmm, okay, I see. I haven’t seen this issue before. What script is running on the camera? Is the USB port your using fully powered? I can only think of a brown-out happening or something like that.