Connection issues Mac <-> H7 PLUS

Hi all,

I don’t know if it started with the latest update of the Cam that was available or perhaps the update of MacOS 13.1.1 (or maybe neither), but recently I have a lot of difficulty connecting to the Cam from the IDE.

I can usually connect to the cam if I plug it in and directly connect through it using the IDE. However, lately it is the case that about 80% of the times that I hit the STOP button, the terminal stops showing output but the cam continues working. It doesn’t stop and I can only reconnect it by unplugging it, wait a few seconds, and then start anew.

I remember this used to be work smoothly. Is there a known issue with this? Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot myself?


Note that the cam is not bricked as unplugging and replugging it works.

Also I have connected UART cables through the WiFi shield for communication with a micro:bit. I am not sure if that would interfere with things?

Hmm, it appears that it works better with the… is it possible that open sockets, etc, cause problems?

I found this: UART read makes OpenMV IDE hang - #7 by airborne from 2017

I am indeed using readline() for the UART connection and not any()… would this be the cause of my behaviour?

I have made an command in my application to activate machine.reset() on the board; when sending this, it seems that I can reconnect appropriately to the IDE again. So I do think it’s an interrupt issue but this workaround is acceptable :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ll be doing IDE updates starting in May and hope to modernize everything in the IDE. This may fix your issues.

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