Product Comparison Table?

I really (really) wish your sale page had a comparison of the features of the different cameras. At least for the non-ir ones.

Sure, the new website can do product comparisons. I’ll try to make that.

I added some notes on the OpenMV Cams page.

Well… that summary is great, but it’s a lot of words which you just want to see what sort of memory (for example) each camera has. Or the resolution. Or power modes. Or size. A table would really do a better job.

What numbers would you like to see? Showing the clock freq and RAM amount is kinda useless. I can see how the max resolution might be interesting. Also, power consumption numbers are similar right now too. Specs wise, showing all the numbers doesn’t really tell that much of a story. But, I’m open to putting a table up.

Let me know what numbers you think would be useful.

I think clock and RAM are both really important! e.g. how fast it’s gonna respond, and how big a frame buffer I can have. Most of the issues I have with OpenMV cams are running out of RAM. Resolution is important. Physical size. “Can Sleep?”. Minimum power draw. Lens type? Special features? A 1 or 2 word summary of why you should buy this one.

Cool, will add a table and other info.