M3 vs M7

I finally got around to using my OpenMV camera I bought a while ago.

The back says “OpenMV3 R1”. I’m wondering what the difference is between this and the latest M7?

Particularly, I seem to run out of frame buffer memory really easily (doing find_lines on anything but a tiny ROI). Will upgrading help?

This is my first time trying to do anything with machine vision and I got to say it was pretty easy. The API gives you some very powerful tools. I’ve been programming for 30 years, but just never programmed python so had to learn a little there too. But it was a great opportunity to dig in.

This was the project this weekend…

Works well but it is still very dependent on location. But with such a small ROI available for orientation, I did the best I could in the time I had. Right now the spacing is fixed, but I’d love to be able to calculate it on the fly so distance from the lens wasn’t so critical. Thinking next year I might add some fiducials to the ballot haha.

The original camera has almost no memory (RAM). So, it’s very hard to use beyond color tracking. The M7 has a lot more room. The H7 which will come out soon is the most comfortable for more advanced stuff.

We’ve had to disable numerous features on the original model since they don’t fit in the flash too.

Great, thanks! Preorder placed!