M7 camera memory solutions

Dear all,

As everybody waiting the new H7 camera, I have M7 camera memory problem with cnn and heap size or heap variable allocation along time.
If I would like to improve this, i am not sure to well understand how it works.

Flash is divided like this

  • Bootloader : 32 Ko
  • Embedded Flash Drive : 96Ko (Here is the python program virtual flash ?)
  • Firmware: 1920Ko

SRAM is divided like this :

  • Frame Buffer memory: 384Ko (for camera)
  • Critical Coupled Memory: 128Ko (Main, DMA, Stack and heap)


  • Main is for python program ?
  • DMA for USB and Camera ?
  • Stack: 4Ko is a variable lifo register
  • Heap: 55Ko for dynamic allocated variable like with CNN, histogram() function and so on

Therefore :

  • Can i increase heap size ?
  • Can i use SD-Card like SRAM ?
  • Would it be usefull to add external SRAM ?

What is the best way to think it ?

Hi, we will ship the H7 this week. Just wait for it. It’s going to come fast.