Difference between OpenMV CAM M7 vs M4

I need to know the difference between the OpenMV CAM m7 and OpenMV CAM m4. What are all the special features which we cannot be able to do in OpenMV CAM M4 ???

Please see the image module in our documentation. Methods not available on the M4 are listed there. However, it basically comes down to a lot of the features. You can also compare the M4 and M7 product pages.

But is there a real reason why those software differences exist?

Both boards are very similar.

Is there a kind of device internal test or list
what functions are available on M4?

Currently many examples just crash an tell me that this function
is not available on M4 architecture.

Only the processor power and memory are different.

Could not the other functions be made available?
Probably with lower performance.

But possibly configurable because of memory problems?

Or only with added MicroSD-Card?


The M4 has 1MB of flash, the M7 has 2MB of flash. We ran out of flash on the M4 to fit code.

See this: