missing find_circles

While I got my M4 v2 from the original kickstarter, I only recently started using it.

It had firmware 1.5 before, but since I updated it to the latest firmware: 2.6.0 my script using find_circles doesn’t work anymore.
The IDE alerts that Image doesn’t have ‘find_circles’ as attribute.

While I found in the forums that certain features are not available on the M4 cameras due to flash size restrictions. But I’ve not been able to find a list of which commands are still available. Nor is it mentioned in the language reference.

Is there such a list available? I’m using find blobs in the meanwhile and it seems to work. (The target of my current project is the pretty classic dice eye counter)

Thanks in advance

Yeah, sorry, there’s no list of missing features on the M4.

Um, there’s a file though to see what we removed…