Finding translation and rotation using M4

I am new to OpenMV and am using an M4. I am trying to use it to find translational movement and rotational movement. I came across the find_displacement class but it is not supported for the M4. Therefore, I’m wondering if there is an find_displacement equivalent for the M4 camera.

Hi, we removed these features from the M4 camera because of flash space exhaustion to fit the feature. You can re-enable this in our firmware if you modify our code. otherwise, you need to buy the OpenMV Cam M7 or back us for the OpenMV Cam H7.

How should I go about re-enabling the library in the firmware?

Just go here and uncomment this line:

That said, the firmware won’t fit once you do that. So, go somewhere else in the code and comment out features that aren’t needed for your app. The easiest way to do this is to comment out something here: and then the function that the table pointed to in the file.