Linear Regression on M4

Hello guys,I bought a m4 camera last month,and I remember it could run linear regression perfectly.But after I upgraded my ide and firmware yesterday,only got a function unavailable error.So does this mean that the new fw has a new linear regression algorithm built in,which is too powerful to run on my m4?Do I have to flash older version of fw in order to use this function?Thanks.

I dropped it from the feature list because we’re having trouble fitting everything in RAM. I can rebuild the firmware for you with it back in if you like but I’ll have to drop another feature. Are you capable of building the firmware? It’s easy to turn the feature back on by uncommenting a define.

I just find out the v3.0 fw under releases tab on github works,thanks

I’ll drop some other feature to get it back in the releases.

Hmmm, this feature was never disabled. Not sure why you don’t see it.

We removed the YUV LUT on the M4 and switched to a software version. This freed up a lot of space and we can now re-enable a ton of features.