Line detection

I just received my OpenMV board and I tried running few example scripts. Some of them work and some don’t.
One in particular is the line detection one

Any ideas why it’s not drawing lines? It does show the image (grayscale or RGB ) and when it sees square objects it does slow down the frame rate as if it is detecting them but its not rendering or printing any.
Firmware version is 2.3.0
Latest IDE

Hi, that’s the old fine lines function. The new one will be released hopefully this week.

I’ve been out of commission since I just moved to the Bay Area. But, my stuff finally arrived today so I should be able to finish up the next IDE and software release this week.

Um, so, there are a lot of unpolished edges in the OpenMV library. I’m working on fixing things up currently. If you have a particular feature request you want me to work on first let me know. Right now I plan to get the release out and then add finding circles and rectangles to the firmware.

oh I see
Same with the keypoints example.

File “”, line 46, in
TypeError: function takes 2 positional arguments but 1 were given

I am kind of new to python but I was hoping at least the examples would be working so I can start there.

Thanks for replying though.

Keypoints should be working…

Sorry, we’re updating a lot of functions in the API and some things get broken. Please let us know.

That said, a lot of the example scripts should be operational. In particular the color tracking scripts.

The examples that ship with the IDE (built-in Examples menu) should be compatible with the latest release firmware, unless we missed something. The examples on github are updated for the new unreleased firmware. If you want to try those you should update the firmware with a development image from github (but then the old example may not work).

Ah, got it. I’m using your beta firmware, so I’ll grab the examples off Github instead. Thanks!