How to run Matlab code on Openmv M7

I have some custom image processing algorithms of edge detection and line fitting by least square method written in MATLAB, now I want to implement those algorithms on an image taken by Openmv M7. So I am looking for a guide how to implement those algorithms in Openmv IDE.

Hi, the OpenMV cam runs python code and not MATLAB code. That said, the next release of the system will have a linear regression method implemented. Can you post your MATLAB code? From what you say we have all the same features but in different methods.

Hello, kwagyeman!
I hope you are good and doing well, Please find the flow chart diagrams of two algorithms (Edge-detection and line fitting) as an attachment. I have written a code for these algorithms in MATLAB, these algorithms are developed for 32x32 image. Please let me know if I can implement these algorithms on OpenMV M7. Thanking you I remain.

We have a line finding method built-in to the camera. Just call find_lines() on the image to get the lines in the image. See the example script in the feature detection examples folder.

Thank you so much, let me try this and i will ask if i need some help,