Dear all,

I was working on web, lol, and i found this :

Is someone tested it, and is openmv cam connected openioe a day ?


Haha, yeah, well, we open sourced the thing so people could do this. The DRAM version is coming soon too.

What do you mean by DRAM ?
Is a cam connnecting something like here :


Um, I don’t know about OpenIoe, but, we’re almost done with the software for a OpenMV Cam board with 32 MB of SDRAM. Getting the performance up was a challenge but I think we’ve got it tuned in now. Basically, the SDRAM camera has no resolution limits anymore. High res image processing is slow however… But, it’s more flexible for taking high res pictures at any time.

The design will be open source too meaning you can copy it into any product. The layout may not be open source however.