i am curious to know . is that possible to modify circuit of openMv cam m7 and remake it by myself. and use openMv iDE to upload the sketch into it.
can you give me some idea that after modifying the board how i can connect it to openMV IDE and upload the code into it.

Hi, the eagle designs are available. You can remix them and build a board yourself and plug it into the IDE. The IDE will walk you through the steps to reflash via DFU.

if we modify and connect another camera like ov2640 then do we have to change anything(like pin configuration or anything) in openMV IDE to access the camera?

If you use the same pins and use ov2640 (or any other sensor that we have a driver for) then it should work with the default firmware.

we want to use any camera like this 0.3MP: OV7725 - Arducam but the camera has a different pinout . how do we connect this camera with your module so it can work with your iDE. STM32 required 28 pins to connect but this has only 24 pins. Any possibilities?

Our schematics for the H7 are open source. Please review them.