OV7725 directly to computer via USB?


First of all, I must say what a great project! Thank you for documenting everything and open sourcing it!! I am currently planning on buying one to try out.

I need to create a PCB to have the OV7725 plug directly to my iMac via USB. I don’t need all the extra peripherals and whatnot. Just a simple camera connection to my computer. I am well versed in Eagle, but not in programming. I wanted to ask if I can just delete any peripherals on the eagle files that I don’t need and reroute the PCB or do I need to modify any code as well to have it work directly with my computer to stream video?

Basically I want to make something like this: 1080p Usb Camera Wide Angle Mini Camcorder Cctv Camera With 3.7mm Lens 720p Usb Camera Mini Webcam For Surveillance Systems - Analog Camera - AliExpress


You have to have the STM32 attached to turn the camera data bus into USB data. If you want want the STM32 chip you need a Cypress camera to USB interface chip.

Camera chips do not directly connect to USB. They just send out data on a parallel 8-bit data bus.

Hi kwagyeman,

Thanks for the quick reply! I have no problem keeping the STM32 chip.

  1. The cypress camera to USB interface chip you speak of, is this on the board already or I need to add one?
  2. Are there also any code modifications required? Do I just upload the default code?
  3. The default H7 you offer on your website - can I stream video from it directly to my computer? I see it has a USB connection.

Sorry for the noobish questions, I have yet to get one in my hands to explore.


  1. You’d have to buy and spec one and then write custom firmware. You’d basically be designing your own product.
  2. Expect months of development.
  3. Yes, but, it’s not a webcam. It can stream to our IDE. We have a firmware that makes it into a webcam and it will work with some programs using UVC.

I can only provide help support for folks using the OpenMV Cam with the default hardware build. If you are doing your own thing you are welcome to however.