port openMV to custom board

Hello All,

I have designed my custom board based on STM32H743 MCU. I would like to use micropython for my project.
But when i am using openMV ide for development, new window pop up is coming saying openMV CAM board key required to connect the board to the openMV IDE.
What is this CAM board key? As this IDE is open source, why CAM board key is required to program my custom board?

The IDE is open-source, it doesn’t mean it’s free. You can still use it without a license key, if don’t mind the windows that show up, buying a key however supports the project.

Hi, folks constantly clone us and if you look at the latest vision projects being launched people copy our ideas. We have to maintain someway to make revenue to pay to keep things running. In particular, we try to keep clones from getting too wild. If you want to make a board you can however. You just have to buy the license keys. They are discounted if you buy in bulk.