openMV license cost and compatibility with other OS

We are planning to develop a custom HW based on the STM32H and a CMOS sensor(unfortunately not one of the OpenMV already supported devices), I have a few questions for the development and product rollout.
-Which is the unitary license cost for deploying a custom HW product based on your desings (HW+SW)?
Let’s say a volume of 500 to 1000 devices per year.
-Is possible to embedd OpenMV components in an STM32 supported OS environment (e.g. FreeRTOS, ThreadX)

thanks in advance

Hi, please email us at for licensing terms.

As for an OS. No, we’re based on MicroPython so you need to use that. Our firmware direction is such that you’re not going to need FreeRTOS nor ThreadX. All the high speed stuff is being moved into interrupt callbacks and we are working on getting paths that block out of the camera driver right now.