OpenMV H7

Hello, huge fan of the OpenMV M7, and have purchased 2 of them so far. When will the OpenMV H7 Kickstarter campaign be launched? I can’t hardly wait!

Less than 2 weeks. The video is about ready! So, I just have to make some static web page updates over the weekend. Send out some emails. And launch it next week.

Awesome. Can’t wait!

Hello! This may be a stupid question, but I wonder if the FLIR adapter will be compatible with x.5 versions of lepton?

All versions. We have a driver in software that supports everything (not really that hard)?

Yes, that was what I thought… Thank you! Nice work btw!

Hi will what kind of MIPI connection will the OpenMV H7 have?

MIPI CSI 2.1? 4 lanes?

Waiting for the kickstarted to start

Hi, it’s a parallel interface. So, no MiPi cameras. This is fine however since we’re not exactly going to be pushing super high resolutions. That said, if you want to build a product with the numerous low power camera modules popping up for always on camera applications our system works well for that.

Note that you can buy a crosslink fpga and build a parallel to MiPi bus converter for less than $10.

The interface on the H7 is a 8 bit standard data bus along with i2c lines and a SPI bus. Additionally, we added extra reserved pins for MiPi over the same connector standard in the future.

Is this the camera module connector?
Do you have adapter connector to expose the pins?

We don’t have a plan to make one but you an easily build one once we release the schematics.

I am planning to order one more camera when the backetkit is sent out.
To save on expenses, I would hold on buying LCD and plan to use ILI9341 instead.
Will you be supporting that display?

Yeah, I have one on my desk to add LCD support for. Just need to get to it.

ANy reason why OV9650 was not used in H7?
I think the resolution is higher.
Would it be better?
Can we still use OV9650 on H7?

We don’t have external SDRAM. So, it’s not like we can do anything with a high res anyway. It’s not really our goal. The OV7725 works and has a good supply. So, why switch…

That said, the camera module is removable now and we have driver support for that camera so it will work if you make a breakout board for it.

Hey This might help

What is the best way to get OPENMV H7 in Germany? Too much shipping via official site. Any other way?

It’s not released yet. Please back it on BackerKit (see link on the home page).

I am just getting around to the initial power up of my Kickstarter Cam H7.
Walking thru the OpenMV IDE install and first power up, My H7 seems to go thru the green/white/blue LED flash sequence and then just flashes blue, but I am not detecting it on Open MV.
the USB “drive” is not showing up nor is the USB port showing under my devices. Is there a specific driver that I need or need to update?
I tried shorting the Boot/RST lines per the instructions in Open MV, but still no joy.
Is this a bad board or drive issue? OR USB connector issue? A visual scan of the board under my microscope did not show any obvious opens or shorts.
I have a need for a people-counter project and this seems to be perfect for it, If I can get it to talk. I need to have it running in about 2-3 weeks.


If the board flashes blue it means all good, can you try another USB cable ?

You most likely are using a power only USB cable.