5640 sensor on an R7?

Hello. I am wondering if I can plug in the 5640 camera sensor to the r7 h2. Not the H7 plus, just the standard version.

I ask because I am enthralled by the binning functionality. Although the r7 doesn’t have enough memory for a full image, the binning could let it take high definition photos of regions of interest. That wouldn’t overwhelm the memory. Could I do this? Is this possible? I just don’t want to buy it if it’s not possible.


Yes! You can! Our code based makes all sensors work on all platforms!

Thank you for your timely response and valuable advice.
This is amazing! I will get a 5640 and add it on then.
Its shocking how well OPENMV works.

Could I then attach an off the shelf ov5640 with the right cable onto the openMV then?
Looking at the ov5640 datasheet, it seems like a MIPI camera that usually uses a CSI data bus. However, the cables for the OPENMV dont seem like a usual CSI data bus. Are there resources for soldering a custom connection or knowing the pinout of this connection?

Apparently its called a DF12-36-DS

I have ordered the H7 plus and its associated ancillaries, but the lead time is incredibly long.

Thank you!!

Yeah, your best chance is to get the H7 Plus camera from SingTown in China or a chinese cloner.

That said, I have extra OV5640 modules. DM me.

Regarding building your own… yes, this is possible. Maybe I’ll make some of these modules available. We can actually just build them right now. I’ll talk with my CM.

Interesting. Maybe Ill get some from there until more are available from the official website or closer distributors.

Ive been doing some more digging and see how well documented a lot of this is. A sort of breakout board stitching the pins together seems possible.

Could I buy some from you? I tried sending a message, but Im not sure if it worked.

Sorry, day job work has been intense the last two days. Will process messages tommorrow.

Alright. I will wait. Thank you.