Ordering confusion

We are a robotics team that has been using OpenMV for quite some time. Primarily M7’s and an H7.

Recently I ordered an H7+ from Sparkfun (with whom I am already in touch) and when my camera arrived, the bag said “H7 R2” but inside the bag was an “H7 R1”.

The procurement mentor on the team simultaneously ordered qty 6 H7+'s from Digikey (which also apparently came from Sparkfun) and he received the same thing I did. (R2 bag, contents are R1).

So I’m here to ask for clarification.

Looking at the website, however, I see that an “H7+” is actually an “H7 R3”.

But the photo for the “H7 R2” here: OpenMV Cam H7 R2 | OpenMV says “H7 R1”.

The photo for “H7” here: OpenMV Cam H7 | OpenMV also says “H7 R1”.

So now I don’t know what to do. All these vendors appear to be selling “H7+”, but sending bags that say “H7 R2” with contents that say “H7 R1”.

I realize H7+'s are probably stuck in the worldwide supply chain somewhere. But now that Sparkfun has stopped responding to queries on this matter, I’m in here wondering if there’s any update on when I might be able to order some H7+'s for both myself and my team direct from OpenMV?

Hi, if there’s SDRAM on the board it’s the Plus. If there’s not it’s the regular.

The regular one is fine for computer blob and AprilTags tracking. It can’t do high res stuff or CNN stuff though.

There was a mixup with SparkFun where they bought the regular version but then labeled it as the plus.

I’m sorry for this. Anyway, the plus is quite sold out right now. There’s not going to be more for a long time.

We are actually going to release a pro model soon (for super long pre-order since we can’t get the parts). But, this will improve the feature set along with repricing the system for the current market which has seen a massive price increase on our side.

Thanks for the update. So bad news all around.

i had the same confusion when i bought my H7 R2. The PCB says R1, but thats okay, as it did not change from R1 to R2 - only the camera sensor changed from OV7725 on the R1 to MT9M114 on the R2 model.
You can check the sensor using the ‘sensor.get_id()’ command.

Thanks. That’s the missing piece of information. Mine was indeed MT9M114.

Unfortunately for me, the H7+ I ordered/paid-for will never appear and the R2 I received is now dead (self inflicted).

We have more R2 regular sensors.

Thanks. I didn’t realize that.

Once it gets above -30C, I’m going to retrieve the camera and see about fixing it. I inadvertently tore off the micro USB connector so I can’t update it.