H7 R2 vs H7 Plus


If I am right the H7 plus has all the same HW as in H7 R2 but with an extra 32MB SDRAM.
1- Is the Plus possibly faster than the R2 due to the extra SDRAM
2- Or maybe it is needed for higher megapixel cameras? Can R2’s 1MB SRAM suffice for a 1MP camera?



  1. No, it’s generally slower as the RAM is slower than internal SRAM. But, more RAM makes algorithms able to use tricks to improve speed and resolution.
  2. Having 32MB or SRAM generally means there’s no resolution limits and CNN network size limits.

I bought the H R2 from HongKong and oh boy did that ship fast. I see that the memory can be filled quite fast if one is choosing a high res. QVGA or QQVGA is guaranteed for most of functions. However it refuses once one wants VGA or WVGA.
Still fascinating how easy it is to get a preview and change parameters for getting a machine vision up and running. Kudos to you Kwagyeman and the team!