Autofocus Framesize on OpenMV H7 R2

So, I managed to fix the autofocus issue with the H7 Plus but now I need more OpenMV cams but the only camera they have in stock is the H7 R1 and R2. I purchased one and I’m trying to use the WQXGA2 framesize on the H7 but it comes back with an error of “RuntimeError: Frame size is not supported or is not set.” Should this allow me to use the WQXGA2 framesize or is the memory just too small on the R2. I followed the steps in my last post about enabling the autofocus camera and flashed the new firmware. With this said, how soon do yall think the H7 Plus will be back in stock if they is a memory issue. I really need the highest resolution I can get.


Hi, we are about to announce a replacement for the H7 Plus on Monday. ST basically has no chips on the market so we have redesigned. We just sent sample units to production and will get them back in May. After we verify everything we will go to mass production.

The H7 regular only has 400KB of RAM. You can’t do a high res on it.

Is it possible to do a work around for the time being? I need another functional camera by May. Any recommendations would be wonderful!

I’d recommend looking at the Chinese market and trying to buy from Aliexpress or etc.