Any available color camera solution to collect with at least 2mpixel photos with openmv IDE today (Sept 2023)?

Hi guys

I got an H7 r2 camera and a nicla vision. The first will collect me with a max of QVGA, and the second with SXVGA. They are both on a lower standard for my project and I can not find any H7+ in the market that it seems to be the ideal for my project (and cant wait for the RT1060 in October or whenever)

Am I doing something wrong ?

I am in an urgency to collect some data. Any ideas ? Will the OV5640 FPC Camera Module on the H7 R2 do the trick (if it is available) ?

I am looking for either a way to overcome this or if someone with a better camera or a used H7+ who could send me his/her camera and I am willing to pay it as brand new (I am really desperate)…

Hi, with the H7 R2 you can use this:

Use the sensor.JPEG pixformat and images will be jpeg compressed from the camera. This allows you to store much larger frames than you normally could. You won’t be able to do any image processing, resizing, etc, but, you can store images and record them.

Thanks for your reply, three questions and apologies in advance for my ignorance

  1. When you say its going to be jpeg pixformat and that i wont be able to to any image processing/resizing, do you mean that my option for a large res picture will be just that * JPEG: 2560x1944 (not any other option for high pixel). But after I take the pic I suppose its not locked, I will be able to use it as I like right ?

  2. I tried to find this Module in all your resellers and none has it. It is immediately available from the openmv site ? (it doesnt give that info)

  3. How long for the release of RT1060 ?



  1. Yeah, set the resolution to the highest you can and the image format to JPEG. Note that the 2560x1944 image might be larger than internal RAM even as a JPEG, so, you may wish to reduce the camera jpeg quality which is also controllable.

  2. Yeah, we have a bunch in stock. 500 of them.

  3. I’m just waiting for our final rev of prototypes to come back and then we can approve mass production. Shipping will start in October.