Using Find_rects with Global Shutter

I have just received my H7 and changed the lens to a global shutter. In trying to run find_rects, I get an error “Pixel format is not supported”.

I tried changing the resolution and used:


Is this the best the global shutter can do?!

You need to set the pixel format to grayscale.

Thank you.

Is there any way a higher resolution can be supported?

We are making a DRAM version of the OpenMV cam which will be able to support a higher res.

Thank you. This is great news.

Any expected time?

I just got the first board we built working. A commit to GitHub for support will come soon. Performance is about 24x slower than internal SRAM at the moment so it’s not really breaking speed records. If we redo the board design and make the RAM bus wider I think we can hit a memory speed that’s 8x slower than internal sram.

But, that said, it’s 32 MB of ram.