Global Shutter

IS openMV module available with any Global Shutter Sensor? any body tried to modify this hardware for capture moving object with help of hardware trigger?

Hi, our new camera will have an optional global shutter sensor module, in addition to the new H7 (400MHz) MCU upgrade. The new camera will be released this year (hopefully).

Thanks , I am working with image process development in different platforms, but new in openmv. for starting, can u suggest your latest tutorial links? my project is develop colour mark detection from moving object and its x,y coordinates send through wireless communication.

We don’t really have official tutorials, but if you search the forums you’ll find many posts about color tracking, wifi etc… and the IDE comes with examples too that you should use as a starting point.

Hi, the IDE has a lot of examples and it’s really a learn by doing thing right now. Please see the File->Examples folder in the IDE.

Can you share which global shutter camera sensor in particular you are going to use?
I’m asking because I’m working on a project where OpenMV would be the perfect platform for, but it’s quite sensitive to the particular camera characteristics, so knowing the exact sensor would help a lot in deciding whether I should base the project on OpenMV or not.

Sure, it’s the MT9V034. It’s the cheapest global shutter sensor of good quality that can do grayscale and color. We’ll be buying the Bayer pattern version of the sensor. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have much of an ISP onboard so we will be doing our best to process the image and do color correction, sharpening, etc.

Thanks, that’s good news! I was mostly concerned about light sensitivity but that shouldn’t be a problem with the MT9V034!

and finally I show ur announcement about global shutter launch, I also order one through kickstart and waiting, kickstart says march 2019, but I saw some where ur comments same in September 2018, can you please tell me when may be it can expect .

Um, September is when we launch the Kickstarter. Next year is when we deliver. The schedule is determined by the lead-time from ST to get the main MCU chip (because we will deliver all goods at the same time). I put the PO in for the 10k ST chips in yesterday so that’s on it’s way now. We were able to do do that with funds saved up from selling the OpenMV Cam M7. The Kickstarter funds will then be put towards buying everything but the main MCU.

I have received a tracking No ( ‘RF730155359SG’) for my global shutter OPENMVand waiting to deliver with in two days, I haven’t find any documents that which pin should configure for external trigger. can you share any tutorial about it ? Thanks

Hi, there’s an example that comes with the IDE to put the camera into trigger mode. One that done snapshot triggers the camera.

As for syncing the trigger to another source you need to just use regular I/O pins and wait for a low to high transition and then call snapshot.

"As for syncing the trigger to another source you need to just use regular I/O pins "

Which I/O Pin I should use for External Trigger?

Any, you have to write the external trigger in software. I.e create a loop waiting for the pin to go low and then high. Don’t use interrupts. You cannot call snapshot in an interrupt.

Ok Thanks I have received my OpenMV board with additional MT9V034 Module, it working with examples and now I just change MT9V034 Module, grayscale format it is working, but other formats are not, Is it won’t support colour?

Yeah, it doesn’t support color. We can’t do color with that sensor because it has no onboard ISP that will do debayering for you. So, 100% of the processor time would be spent debayering the image instead of processing it.

Anyway, given that. For pretty much every application we heard from customers who wanted that sensor color is not needed.

Hi Sir,

Any plan for this sensor with color detection and other features?

Rajesh Kumar

No, given the previous point. You can buy a color version of the sensor however and build a board with it. The parts can all be bought online if you want to build it. The C code to do debayering is even already there too.

Shame here is no colour. Reduces the practical uses of the module for me dramatically to the point of being useless

really I was waiting this release for my colour object tracking project, which I mentioned beginning. previous post was mentioned planning to use bayer sensor, any way if it won’t support colour,I will get one colour sensor. In my place MT9V032 colour sensor available, I will start experiment with it.