Future plans for global shutter sensor modules?

I was wondering if y’all have any plans to manufacture an RGB global shutter camera module?

I am guessing this would push the limits of the device frame buffer RAM.
MT9V034 (color): 10 bit value * RGB (3) * pixels captured (752 * 480) = ~1.35MB / frame
AR0134CS (color): 12 bit value * RGB (3) * pixels captured (1280 * 960) = ~5.53MB / frame

This limits the frame buffer of the H7+(32MB) to only a handful of frames.

This wouldn’t cause any issues if I were simply processing a single image at a time, correct?

I am considering prototyping with the AR0134CS on top of the H7+, is this a bad idea?
If so, how much more frame buffer ram would I need?
or how many frames should I be able to store in the frame buffer? Is there a good minimum?

These are some manufacture listed components:

On Semiconductor:

  • With (I think) parallel output, compatible with STM32’s DCMI:
  • MT9V034
    • AR0134CS
    • AR0234CS
  • With HiSPi (high speed pixel interface) output: (haven’t investigated fully, but I think this is more for standard input to FPGA)
  • XGS 2000
    • XGS 5000
    • XGS **000 (more megapixels)

OmniVision: (all with (I think) parallel output, still waiting for an NDA with OmniVision to see them datasheets)

  • OV2312 (RGB-Ir)
  • OG02B10 (Color)
  • OV9782 (Color)

We didn’t make the global shutter module with RGB support because you have to debayer it. This has to be done on the full res of the camera before downscaling. This would use 100% of the CPU just to receive the image.

That said, OnSemi has ISP chips which allow for offload. However, the cost of the whole solution becomes very steep.

I have plans for an HDR camera based on OnSemi’s tech and another global shutter module. These won’t be executed for about 2 years. We have to wait for ST’s next generation silicon.

Doing an HDR camera based on OnSemi’s current ISP+AR camera tech can be done now. Global shutter not so much. We’re going to be focused on our partnership with GroupGets and Arduino for this year.

Makes sense, I hadn’t thought about having to debayer.

Thank you