MT9V034 discontinuance and MT9V032

Hi, recently I read that ONsemi is going to discontinue the MT9V034 lineup. Since MT9V032 is an active product and 99% identical I was wandering if it is supported by the OpenMV

Yeah, our driver supports that and the 022 and 024 versions. We actually have been selling the 022.

But on digikey those too are labeled as “last time buying”, so what will come after? Moreover I need to modify the camera module and use a bayer color sensor, I read that 022 and 024 are BGA instead of 48-CLCC, how can I know what color sensor to buy?

Our driver has support for the color sensor too. You get a bayer image out and then you can use that directly.

Yeah I know, the point is that I saw that you don’t sell global shutter + color camera modules (correct me if I’m wrong) those are mandatory characteristics for my project, knowing that you sell only monochrome sensors my solution was to swap them, but if those are going to be discontinued I cannot keep on using this solution

We’re going to try to produce as long as possible.

We bought 200 more chips to build with. There’s about 1k on the market. But, we can’t afford to buy and build with them all unless we get a bulk order for that many.

As of now I’ll need 7 global shutter modules and 7 color sensors to modify those modules, but I need to know what sensor (and with which package) they come with

We have the grayscale sensors in stock. Not sure about the color modules.

And are those monochrome sensors the BGA ones or the 48-clcc?

The 24/22 are BGA ones. We designed adapter boards for both types of sensors. We’re just going to consume every variant of the chip on the market.

And after that?

Probably find a new chip and make a driver.