Camera module is obsolete

Hello guys!
I find that the camera module ov02640-vl9a csp2 is obsolete.
Which one I can use as analog.
Or may be there are some place where I can bought it?
However, I prefered to buy final device, but I can’t find where I can do that… :cry:
Thanks a lot.

Is there anyone alive?

I’m not sure what you mean by use it as analog, but you can find the OV2640 on aliexpress or ebay.

I mean that Omni Vision have been stopped producing of this image sensor for a long time ago. :frowning:

Hello Guys!
I saw that You have been changed the camera module to OV7725.
Glad to see my post was useful for you!

Yeah, as soon as they saw your post, they borrowed a time machine from Guido Van Rossum, traveled back half a year and changed the sensor. Good job!

I’m sorry. Can’t understand your sarcasm. Half a year? From what time? November?
At November 11-th I can’t find any information about changing the sensor.
If it’s my false, I accept it, no problem.
But please prove it.

We decided to change sensor tot he OV7725 around December. Its been an excellent choice. We’ve noticed no issues with the OV7725.