OV7725 end of life

Hi all
As far as the OV7725 has just gone to END OF LIFE by Omnivision, are you planning any new sensor reference for the H7 camera?
thanks in advance

Yes, we will be switching to the MT9M114. We haven’t started development work on this. But, we should start this year. We have all the docs and tools to get it working so the work just needs to be done.

Looks like the OV5640/45 family is also going into end of life
Any other replacement part in your roadmap for that sensor also?
thanks in advance!


We’re probably going to switch to the sensor FPC package which is easier to buy and available in more volume. But, we won’t have lens options for that.

Thanks Kwagyeman

Are you planning any specific CMOS module version/provider for the replacement?

Indeed, these modules come with fixed lens options


We’re just going to make the MT9M114 ASAP as we cannot easily buy the OV7725 anymore. I can’t say I have any other plans. I’ll have SingTown design the FPC OV5640 module.