5MP OV5640 sensor on STM32F765

Dear all,

Awefull, I tested the last firmware V352 to save UXGA images with OV5640 on a STM32F765 in jpeg mode on SDCARD and it works.

The only thing is the subject is blured if the subject moves under indoor environnment.
I suppose the automative exposition time is set too long.

Do you you any idea to improve this ?

Hi, we’re still working on the OV5640 driver, trying to get the FPS higher.

I’m actively working on getting the speed up. It’s hard however since the OV5640 isn’t as simple as the other Omnivision cameras. I’ve found how to get a 2x speed boost already but I need to unlock 2x more speed on top of that to hit the correct fps.

Omnivision has ov5640 dev board like Gaia with a soft which can help because you have writed register in real time !