Crossing 120 FPS limit

I have an application that has a small ROI (320 x 10) but needs to capture these frames at 200fps. I don’t need the USB interface to the computer and plan to use the STM alone for grayscale image processing.
Is there anything I can change in the firmware for the OV7725 that will allow me to support this? If not then do you know of any other image sensor that would support this over SPI ?

We’re already overclocking the sensor with the current version. If you want to go faster then you’ll need a different camera module.

Later this year we’ll be introducing the next gen system which will feature a removable camera module to make this easy along with double the processing power.

Anyway, why do you need such high FPS. What’s the application?

Also, it sounds like you want a line scanner camera.

Thanks for the reply! I actually wanted the 10 lines to be separated not contiguous. I looked through the datasheet of the OV7725 but couldn’t find a way of doing this. Just wanted to confirm.