Can I connector another image sensor to SPI?

I want to connect a 10MP camera through SPI in the OpenMV booard? Can I perform machine vision and Wifi?

Also do you have plans to make a board with higher mega pixel camera?

Hi, we don’t have RAM on board to buffer a 10M image. You couldn’t do machine vision on that anyway. Real-time algorithms tend to run at low resolutions to achieve a high FPS.

As for a higher res camera, no, we’re going to be moving to a global shutter camera though which is what a lot of folks want along with thermal vision.

Thanks for the response. I understand realtime requirement for MV.

Can we connect a second high resolution camera in the board through SPI and use it for only still images to μSD Card?

Um, I suppose. The processor is quite capable. The SPI bus does 45-54 Mb/s.

You needn’t use an OpenMV Cam though if you’re not using it’s main camera.