Internship project with openmv

Hello everybody,

I’m doing an internship at a university in Bogota which is heavily inspired by the OpenMV. My supervisor wants me to implement the openmv project on the robot platform, he designed. It is board that can drive some servos, read out sensors and has a wifi module on it. We changed the chip, so there is now an STM32F427 on it. Last week, I uploaded the OpenMV software and the IDE recognizes the board. It took me a while to figure out that bootloader and firmware in the repository are both needed to correctly run the software. My next step is to change the code for the optical sensor. I couldn’t find an affordable OV7725 module that is readily available. Therefore, I have an OV7670 camera module that I’m going to use. The registers are a bit different and there are some pins, the firmware uses, that are not available on my circuit board.
What do you guys think? Doable? The ideal would be that the OpenMV software runs together with the robot software and the robot can for example follow a line on the ground or a ball.

You should be able to get that all working. However, We can’t offer any help since your not using our hardware.

The camera driver is done in a way to work with multiple camera modules. So, you just have to write the camera driver code to get that working.

Anyway good luck!