Looking for Contractor/Consultant

If this is not the right forum for this, I apologise in advance and will remove this post.

I’m looking for a contractor/consultant to work with on two projects on an OpenMV Cam H7: (1) Tensorflow light, and (2) Webserver.

I’d appreciate any recommendations to people with expertise in these areas of OpenMV.


Can you describe a little more about what you need from the webserver? (I know only theory regarding NNs and not the modern tools, but that can be overcome. Are the two projects related or separate?)

The webserver project will use the OpenMV WiFi Shield to provide browser access to selected data, and to download and view video files from the OpenMV Cam H7.


I’ve replied using the mail function.

I too am looking for a contractor/consultant who is an expert in OpenMV for my project.

I’m particularly interested in adapting it for very low power use, so that it is dormant and can get the camera ready to run for example a haar classifier object detector in around 1 second, or can turn on using a PIR and be ready for detection very quickly, so if it is ran in battery mode it will run for a long time.

I have a successful version of my project running on a Raspberry Pi 3, running 2 custom Haar classifiers in Pyhton.
I use a Geekworm X708 UPS with my Pi project with a custom battery that runs the pi in for 28 hours, although I usually run it from the mains.
However for my next phase of development I need to maximise battery life, so an OpenMV H7 board seems the way to go instead of a Raspberry Pi.

My python program runs for about 5 seconds, 10-15 times a day, firing up 2 micro servo’s, camera, IR LEDS. Camera also records video, and runs approx 30FPS whilst detecting.

So I want to convert this to run on OpenMV but use as little power as possible (without compromizing detecting at 20FPS), is there anyone out there that could do this task for me? Let me know if your interested and what your estimated costs will be.