Github sponsors as way to help fund


I appreciate what OpenMV has done, especially since they give back to the Micropython communicate. In particular I am hoping to start using the H7 processors soon and a lot of that work has been driven from this team.

Github sponsors has just come out of Beta and I was wondering if the team was looking at it for ways for people to help continue to fund the project outside of just paying for hardware. I would be interested in finding easy ways to contribute small amounts consistently, especially if it helps fund and speed up development.


I haven’t looked into that. I guess we could sign up for funding via GitHub. In particular, I would love to have more funding to hire folks to help with software development. For example, software optimization of features for ARM Cortex processors to make some of the operations faster.

What kind of donation were you thinking?

Sorry, either did not get a notification or did not see one.

I see it as a way to give back when I make money or see value in using your products. I also see it helpful to “tip” or more directly pay for support and improvements. For example OpenMV helped Micropython with H7 support, and I would like to have a simple way to tip you for that.

Our PayPal is


You can sponsor us now on github: