Availability of H7 plus?

I’m working on a project with the intention of submitting it to the tinyML Vision Challenge hosted by Hackster.io.

Since working through it I’ve realized my H7 R2 (non-plus) camera won’t be usable for the ML application I’m approaching, and all the tutorials I’ve been following have instead been based on using the H7 Plus.

I’m looking to get my hands on H7 plus but am finding it out of stock everywhere - On OpenMV’s website, sparkFun, seeed studio, dfrobot, etc.

Anyone have any thoughts on where I can find one in stock, or if availability will be back within the next couple weeks?

We can’t build them until the end of the year. Unfortunately, the main chip has become unobtainium.

Bummer! But thanks for the update. I’ll keep an eye out for availability then.

Wow, that’s unfortunate…
Does it mean you will restart building H7+ in 2022, or will it be superseded by an R2?
Is the CPU unobtainable because of high demand or because it’s discontinued?

High demand. All production capacity is bought out by larger firms. Digikey/Mouser/Arrow/etc have no stock.

We bought 8K chips last year. No delivery expected until November now of only 2K of them.