H7 availability

We planned to use the H7 in our product. But now I read both H7 and H7 plus are discontinued!
That is bad news.

When will the new board be available? On which chip will it be based? Will it be backwards compatible?


Massive blog post that answered all your questions.

Yes, everything except for the PYB module. We’ll have to switch to the machine module for board control.

What is the target price of the OpenMV Cam RT?

Much like the OP, we are looking at using this for a product selection and would like to have as much info as possible.

I don’t have the details from my CM yet on the price of the base system. They are still working on a quote. However, if we were buying parts off Mosuer to build it then the price would be about $135-140 per system. So, it’s probably going to be around that range.

Note that we see most folks buy a wifi shield + the OpenMV Cam H7 Plus. The total price of that system equals the new system which includes wifi. So, while the base unit price may have increased we have many more features built-in.

But I do not need wifi.

SingTown has mentioned that they will make a version that doesn’t have this populated to save costs.