Board Registration

I came across the board registration gimmick having bought two M7 through ebay.

First up, I do get the sense of this approach.

I think it was the lua ESP8266 software world that died quite quickly once the “opensource” hardware designs got out into the wild. It is one of the problems I think you have with the idea of opensource hardware generally (since I can’t get the hardware for free and tools like the raspberry pi community cloud the issue by releasing the design by CC but defaming anyone who “copies” it).

I am curious though.

If the board is bought from does it come registered?

Why I ask is I am trying to work out why I would be paying the same relative price for an unregistered board from ebay for a registered board from openmv.

Am I actually being ripped off by onsellers?


Hi, we sell the OpenMV Cam for $65 and release the software and hardware for the design. Units we sell are licensed. Given we’ve crossed the 15k> units sold (that I know of) mark and that we’ve continued to work on the product and improve features over time it has started to get cloned.

We put the licensing system in place after this started happening such that we’d be able to continue to develop the system. Keep in mind we release software updates constanty for the system and improve it continually. This requires me and Ibrahim to keep working on it even after it has gone from being a project of passion to a job somewhat. While my livelyhood does not depend on OpenMV my time commitment to working on it is tied to the product selling.

Final note, so while most of the cloners don’t give back to the OpenMV Community, SingTown decided to partner with us instead. Their partnership is the reason for us being able to release the OpenMV Cam H7 and being able to continue development. Any units bought through them are licensed.

Hi Kwagyeman,

I have bought 2 of your products.

1.- OpenMVcam H7, from this website:

2.-OpenMVcam H7 PLUS from here:

The thing is, when im using the H7 everything seems to work fine. However, when I connect the H7 PLUS it shows “Unregistered OpenMVcam detected…”

Am I doing something wrong? I dont understand why H7 is registered, and not the H7 plus… Can I fix it somehow? or do i need to buy a license considering that i already paid 82.5$ for the h7 plus

Just in case you want me to test something, I dont have the H7 anymore.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Plus should be registered if you bought from SparkFun. Please send me the board ID code and I’ll register it.

Thank you for your fast response Kwagyeman,

The sticker on the board shows this number: 0813003500048

It’s registered now.

Thanks again kwagyeman, but unfortunatelly i keep on getting the same message.

Also, I do always get the message of “Your openMV cams firmware is out of date.Would you like to upgrade?” I click “ok”, but nothing happens.

Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance!

Hi, the out of date message got bugged. We will be releasing a new IDE that fixes that soon. It was working before but I had to add some features for Arduino that broke that.

Sorry, I registered the wrong number. I need the very long serial number the IDE displays when you click yes on that dialog.

Oh yes of course. Sorry for giving you the wrong number.
This is what I got (copy pasted):

Board: H7 - ID: 323838383130510C002D0022

It’s done. Should work now.

Yes it does work now. Thank you for your time! :slight_smile: