New firmware release

I know that you are working on a new firmware release. Any idea when it will be out?

The firmware is out already, the IDE update will follow in a few days. if you don’t want to wait for the IDE update you can download the images from github and upload them to the camera:


One suggestion. You should update the readme to indicate which OPENMV# maps to which camera. I know mv3 is m7 and I assume mv4 is for h7 but as you add cameras it would be useful to have a map.

Just bought my MV Cam and once trying to connect, it pops out a message to register the camera and the RGB led flashing green for few 1-2 seconds. Does this related to the firmware issue?


No, the green LED on plugin is the bootloader running.

If you’re getting the registration pop-up that means that you bought a Chinese clone.

omg… :frowning:
thanks for letting me know… should complain to the seller
and if that’s the case, can i purchase the key (register the product) so I can use the cam?

PM me and I’ll give you a free key.

I have just buy a new openmv cam M7. it is requested to register. Please help me, How to do it?

You pay the $15 for a license key since it’s a clone. We stopped making the M7 a while ago. The IDE has a link to buy a board key online via our website…