Firmware updates

When merges are made into the master branch at git/openmv are updated firmware files created anywhere.
The ones under the directory firmware have not changed in three months.
I am running under opensuse (linux) and am having difficulty cross compiling the sources.
I do not want to be a developer I just want to use the merged functionality e.g. Fir update (#382)

Have fun. Example scripts are in the package. Just connect the camera to the I2C bus and run the scripts and it works. (915 KB)

Okay so I clone from git and run the bootloader on the bin files in the clone (I tried each bin file) in the OPENMV3 directory.
All I get is a bricked M7. The ide allows me to recover a bricked device. No problems.
Try to run and get AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘FIR_AMG8833’
So where do I go from here

Hi, did you flash the firmware.bin file I posted above onto the camera? You don’t have to do anything with git.

Maybe I gave you an old firmware. I can check again tonight.

No I did not. Sorry I was not paying attention to your response. Will flash it shortly.

You got the right firmware, version 3.1.0.
Recognises the FIR_AMG8833 attribute.
Gives me a beautiful blue screen when running the script.
Ok so I need to connect a camera which will happen shortly

No firmware images are updated just before the release (with exceptions occasionally).

The AMG8833 works just fine on the M7.
Took a while to try it as getting delivery of the AMG8833 was a little fraught.
Came from Mouser which is a delivery from across the pond.

The MLX90640 works just fine on the M7.
Sourced breakout board from pimoroni.