Firmware update

Does anyone have a more detailed description on how to update to lates fw ?

I installed IDE 1.1 downloaded from the website, on Linux (latest?)

When trying to connect it says :

OpenMV IDE must upgrade your OpenMV Cam’s firmware to continue.

When I press OK it always says :

Unable to connect to the bootloader!
This fails sometimes - please try again a few times before giving up.

And I can’t continue to connect with old fw
(btw with the old IDE (1.5… strangely versioned), I can connect though
Any clue how to update this fw ?

Hi, I’m working on releasing an updated IDE very soon. The current IDE has some serial issues that make it difficult to connect.

The new IDE can connect but is trying to update the firmware which it’s unable to.

I’ll have the new IDE out by the end of the day (hopefully). Think you can wait till then?

Great Thanks :wink:

Hi Atuour,

I almost had the release out today but ran into issues with Mac. So, for right now I just have linux and windows done:

If you have problems with the drive not being found on linux let me know where it’s mounted. Right now I filter out all paths not under “/media”. I’ll be adding “/run/media” for Arch Linux.

Im using windows 7 and get an “unable to connect to bootloader” error when I try the new software.

Hi, I accidentally overwrote that software with a test version recently.

I just finished debugging the whole issue and figured out the root cause and we’ll have the release done for all OSes by Friday. I can have the windows version up by tonight.


overclocking seems to be an issue with the new software. Crashes the IDE and have to cycle power to the cam.

Disconnecting also seems to be an issue now. Crashes the IDE when hit the disconnect icon.

Yeah, the version I uploaded used to work, but then I was testing the overwrote it with another bad testing version.

Anyway, we bought a USB analyzer to figure out the problem. The next IDE will be rock solid.

looking forward to the linux version. (going to robotics club tonight to show off this board, so if it’s possible to have it done sooner rather then later?)

The linux version in the link above should work fine. I only broke the windows version in the link above.

nope. constantly getting the failed to connect to the bootloader error.
The board disconnects/reconnects and the mounted drive appears along with the /dev/ttyACM0 (or sometimes /dev/ttyACM1)
Then the ide says it couldn’t connect.

I am able to talk to the board with an arduino ide so I think the hardware is working.

Where is the firmware file located?
found it

find . -iname "*bin"

So which would I use, if I was trying to use the tools option. (or is that just a bad idea).

Firmware dev:

And another guide.

If you’re having problems with the newest Linux IDE I uploaded I’m not sure if the new IDE fixes will help… we’ll see. There will be connection issues if the PC can’t enumerate the Cam fast enough. For example, you can’t use the boot loader through VMs because there’s a 500 ms window to connect to the Cam.

Use the OMV2/openmv.bin if you’re using the manual tools. The firmware.bin is only good if you have the bootloader connection working.

I still could not upgrade the firmware with 1.2.0 IDE. Without the upgrade, I can’t make connection to the board. Please help. Thanks.

Hi, did you try out the latest release?

I just finished releasing the IDE with my changes. Serial communication is rock solid now. But, the boot loader only has a 500 ms window for the IDE to connect and the computer takes longer than 500 ms sometimes to enumerate. I think there’s a little bit more I can do to increase the connection chance in the future…

Let me know what platform you’re on and if you’re using the IDE that you can download from the website.

If you’re using windows I you can use the DFU tool to manually upgrade the firmware here:

Thanks for a quick response. But, you should open the window to 2 seconds or so. My PC can’t enumerate a USB device in 500 ms.

Yeah, the problem is that we can’t update it. The bootloader was programmed by the factory into every board. For the next batch of OpenMV Cams we make this will be fixed.

Can you use the DFU tool? It’s really easy to use on Windows. Once the firmware is updated the IDE will stop asking.


We’re going to try to make the IDE do less work when scanning the com ports so it doesn’t miss the 500ms window. In the mean time, I’m attaching a bootloader with 1000ms delay, if you upload this to your cam you’ll be able to use the IDE later to update the firmware images. (9.59 KB)