M7 Thermal Imager support for AMG8833 and MLX90640

I got an email via Kickstarter that support for the AMG8833 and MLX90640 thermal image sensors is to be included in the H7.
But it also mentions that this will be included in the M7 as well.
Can you tell me when support for these sensors will be included in the M7 firmware.
Waiting for the H7 availability in Mar 2019 (if at all) is a long time away and I already have an M7 so using an M7 means I can start looking at thermal imaging now (maybe)

Yeah, I’m going to start working on this soon just to make thermal imaging more of a thing we can do. The feature add will work for both the H7 and the M7. Um, as for doing this work… it’s not per say a lot of effort since both those chips have already available software libraries… so, I just have to link things in and I’m done. I have the SparkFun boards sitting on my desk even right now.

Anyway, I’m not sure when I’ll get to working on it.

Good news. Go for it.
By the way will it be possible to attach more than one imager to a single M7/H7.
I am looking at using more than one for triangulation and having multiple M7/H7’s daisy chained would be cumbersome.

Um, do the devices support multiple I²C addresses?

I’m basically just going to make a snapshot mechanisms that allocates an image on the heap since they are so small and then all the regular methods will work with them.

So, my code efforts will be minimal.