Open MV compatibility with other micro python cabable ARM processors

Is the OpenMV firmware compatible with other processors, such as the TI CC3200 that have more availability? I understand I would need to design and print custom PCB to accomplish this. I would like to use the OpenMV algorithms and software on a custom PCB. The STM32 chip that is used is out of stock (as you mention in your blog posts) so I was curious if it was compatible with other ARM processors so I can get my project moving sooner.

Yeah, we use Cortex-M3/M4 instructions. So, as long as the core is that it should be 100% okay.

So with the pin layout differing between processors, does that affect how I would interact with the camera sensor or i/o pins for uses like serial uart or spi code? Or is those details abstracted away? If there is anyone who has tried it and may have insight I’d love to hear.

It requires you to use the Machine Module instead of PYB. This will result is breaking folks code unfortunately. It might be fixable by making a fake PYB module that uses machine.