OpenMV H7 plus schematic parts (obsolete/back order)

Trying to use openmv H7 plus schematics to put on a pcb but I’m having difficulty procuring the processor , Qspi and SDRAM chips.

Can someone suggest substitute parts that are pin to pin compatible and do not require custom firmware updates?

We’re having trouble even buying them. Ordering 5k right now since lead-times are long.

Anyway, just look at different packages. If you change the SDRAM chip you need to keep the SDRAM timings the same or more relaxed.

SDRAM is discontinued. Can you please let me know if you found a substitute and what deviations from schematic and or which firmware mods are eventually required ? Thanks.

We’re still able to source it in China.

Anyway, you just need to match these settings: micropython/mpconfigboard.h at 8d2d755e32d86723cfa6a23e1e4a6898b804e94f · openmv/micropython · GitHub

Cool thanks. I requested the chips from a company on Alibaba and am waiting for feedback. However, could you share your supplier with us?

Yeah, I don’t know. Our CM figures that out for us.