Is this camera right for my project!

I’m currently trying to figure out whether getting the OpenMV H7 camera is the right first step for my project. I’m designing a miniature microscope which will require an imaging sensor like the OV7725 in the OpenMV camera. What I would like to do is purchase this camera to get familiarity with programming and using the sensor, then design a similar setup that can capture images from the microscope, while still running the OpenMV IDE. Am I correct that the scripts will run fine on any microcontroller that can use MicroPython? I just want to make sure this is the right approach before getting the camera. Thank you!

Other MicroPython code will work on our system. You can’t run our code on other platforms however since they don’t have the camera sensor part.

Thanks for responding. To clarify, the new system would still be using the same sensor (OV7725). It still wouldn’t work?

You’d need to build the same hardware that we have. If you do then everything is fine. I.e. use the same MCU and passives and etc. You can design your own custom board however.