Using OpenMV camera with normal python 3 ?


I just got my OpenMV CAM M7 and played it for a while using IDE in Windows.

Specifically, HOW can I use openmv outside IDE ? Like through python3 scripts ?

THanks a lot.

We’re a micropython board. So, all the tools here work:

We also have our own OpenMV Python module here:

Using this you can communicate with the camera in “debug mode” (meaning you can read the framebuffer and the text buffer and run/stop scripts etc…).

Here’s an example using pygame:

I just followed your links and have a question.

In the line of code what is script? Is it a file containing the python script??


Yes, this script allows you to send the OpenMV Cam a python script to run.

Do you guys have any examples how can i do this ? I mean how can used my openmv cam 7 with normal python?

It doesn’t support normal python because it’s a microcontroller…