Use OpenMV camera for another Python script


I have a project where I want to run a script in Python on my computer, but at some point in the script I want to be able to take a picture using the OpenMV camera, and then either send that image back to the original Python script (and do image analysis afterwards), or do image analysis from the camera, and then send the result back to the original Python script; in the original Python script, I will need to be able to take a picture multiple times using the OpenMV camera. Is there a demo script that does something like this already? If not, is there something similar/what should I look into in order to do this?


See here:

and here:

There’s also a new example script here:

Thanks for the reply kwagyeman!

I’ve never done anything like this before (sending commands through USB/working with an external device), are there any resources you might recommend; I am looking through the MicroPython documentation right now but nothing else.


It’s just python with an I/O device. It’s really not that hard. Just start coding and it will make sense. The scripts pretty much detail what to do.

Thanks for all the help kwagyeman :smiley: I’ll test things out and see how everything goes