Library for use outside the IDE


Is it possible to import the functioning library from Open MV into another IDE like Spyder? If not how can I go about importing packages into the OpenMV IDE? Say like Pandas, or Scikit Learn.

Thank you!

If the module/library is simple enough to run on the camera it can be imported, just copy the modules to the sdcard and import them. Note by simple I mean modules that don’t have lots dependencies and don’t require megabytes of memory (Pandas, Scikit, NumPy will Not run on the camera).

Is their a way to import those modules off the camera? Having them be referenced and processed on my computer and using the camera just for the sake of being a camera?

That way I can do my heavy processing off board?

Yeah, just send images to the PC and process them in desktop python. Note that OpenMV IDE is not running code. The camera does that… So, you will have to build your own tooling system.