Pandas and IDE MacOS

Can I use pandas within the IDE in MacOS? For example the “import as pandas” does not work…I can imagine its a path issue? Sorry but i’m an enthusiast, so pardon my newbie questions. My overall objective is to output data that I obtain from the OpenMV, such as eye tracking etc.



MicroPython running on the OpenMV Cam isn’t full python. It only has all the libraries listed in the documentation. As of right now there isn’t really a package index yet either. You might be able to find an I/O library for a sensor you want. But, it’s not full blown python.


So what would you recommend to achieve my objective? How can I export eye tracking data out of the IDE?

Yes, so, which eye tracking scripts are you using? The ones I posted a while back open a uart port and send the tracking result out of the camera over a serial port. Can you post the scripts you are using?